Flasher units & LED flasher units

Flasher Units with bulb analysis:
Failure of a flasher bulb can be indicated by
  • increase of flashing frequency
  • control light
Sample for loads:

If a passenger car is subsequently converted to trailer operation, the flashing system has to be enlarged accordingly.

Pulse Generator:
Does not analyse and evaluate the lamp load and can be operated up to 170 watt (8 bulbs).

However, their use is prohibited on private cars and commercial vehicles in many countries (usage for construction vehicles, signal lights, tailboards, cargo boom etc.).

LED Flasher Units
Our LED flasher unit is the intelligent solution to the problem of “Lamp Failure Warning” with LED direction indicator in a circuit made by LED and conventional bulb lamps.

For legal requirements, the flashing speed of the direction indicator must increase when an LED light or a bulb fails in the indicator circuit.

It is an universal solution as it solves “Lamp Failure Warning” troubles with every LED cluster between 1W and 8W.

Combined with our LED Flasher unit, it allows a reliable detection of LED cluster failure and prevents irregular or spurious signals on the dashboard warning light.

Our LED unit does not produce heat and can be fitted anywhere.