Multitimer 12V


alternative useable for
The Multitimer combines several time-relays functions:
on-delay, off-delay, and impulsfunction. The functions and
time periods can be individually adjusted by means of a
rotary switch and a potentiometer. The output goes by
way of a change-over contact, 10A, which is connected to
terminal 30.
This Multitimer allows the reduction of the number of
versions needed on stock.
The Multitimer is pin-compatible to standard sockets.
Time- / Function Chart:
0 keine Funktion 5 5 ... ...60s Anzugverz.
1 0,5 ... 10s Impulsr. 6 0.5 ... 20min Anzugverz.
2 5 .......60s Impulsr. 7 0,5 ... 10s Abfallverz.
3 0,5 ... 20min Impulsr. 8 5 ...... 60s Abfallverz.
4 0,5 ... 10s Anzugverz. 9 0,5 ... 20min Abfallverz.
This timer can also be used as a switching relay. As a
result, stockkeeping relays for secial applications becomes
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